Our Menu

V = Vegetarian V+ = Vegan GF = Gluten Free


Stuffed Potato Cakes $8
chiles-spiked spinach greens served with a golden raisin ginger sauce

Roasted Smashed Eggplant Pate $8
turmeric, red chiles, & mustard seeds drizzled with clarified butter served with our plain naan

Almond & Cardamom Lamb Meatballs $10
mustard green-spinach sauce, served with garlic-cilantro naan

Cayenne Dusted Crispy Okra Fries $8
black salt & buttermilk sauce

Creamy Chicken Kebabs $8
fenugreek cream sauce, served with plain naan

Coconut Shrimp $10
curry leaf sauce, served with plain naan

Avocado Pomegranate Dip $8
with roasted chiles, served with potato-chile naan

Signature Pizzas

Chicken Kebab $10
boneless breast of local, free-range chicken marinated in greek yogurt, garlic, & a blend of fresh ground spices, roasted in our tandoor with tomato-fenugreek sauce & fresh buffalo mozzarella (plain naan)

Pulled Pork $10
robustly spiced rub of chile de arbol & hand-shredded pulled pork with mustard-spinach sauce & fresh buffalo mozzarella (garlic-cilantro naan)

Paneer $10
firm non-melting cheese (akin to extra-firm tofu in texture) marinated in Greek yogurt & fresh ground spices & roasted in our tandoor topped with a lime-kissed pepper medley, tomato-fenugreek sauce and shredded buffalo mozzarella (plain naan)

Pan-Seared Slices of Potatoes & Tandoor-Roasted Vegetables $10
a robustly spiced medley of potatoes, seasonal vegetables, & chiles, with a touch of mango powder & black salt with habanero harissa sauce & vegan mozzarella (potato-chile naan)

Lamb Meatballs $11
cardamom & almond lamb meatballs with a mustard-spinach sauce with a house cheese blend (garlic-cilantro naan)

Coconut Shrimp $12
jumbo shrimp with roasted spices, fresh coconut, & lime with coconut milk, fresh curry leaves, & house cheese blend (plain naan)


Roasted Beet Salad $8
flavored with chiles & mustard seeds over organic greens, crumbled spiced paneer, & garam masala spiced candied pistachios with a golden raisin ginger vinaigrette

Market Salad $8
fresh seasonal vegetables & fruits with a signature housemade buttermilk dressing

Signature Beverages

Alphonso Mango Frappe $4
an effervescent puree of alphonso mangoes blended with greek yogurt & a touch of raw sugar

Robust Filtered Coffee $3
hint of chicory

Masala Chai $3
darjeeling black tea brewed in whole milk & our signature chai spices


Soft Drinks $2
pepsi products

House Wine $5
white, red, & rosé

Beer $5
lift bridge farm girl, surly furious, bent paddle bent hop, bauhaus wonderstuff, summit seasonal, coors light

Build Your Own

$6.50 to Start

1. Choose Your Crust

our crusts are baking powder leavened, characteristic of rustic naans in central and south Asia, the Middle East, & the subcontinent

Potato Chile
Garlic Cilantro
Gluten Free ($3)

2. Choose Your Sauce

Tomato Fenugreek
housemade organic tomato sauce with a hint of cayenne, fenugreek, & clarified butter

Mustard Spinach
creamed spinach & mustard greens stewed with red onion, ginger, tomatoes, & fresh ground spices

Coconut Milk & Curry Leaves
coconut-milk with roasted ground spices & fresh curry leaves

North African Harissa
habanero and blistered red bell pepper

2. Choose Your Toppings

All our toppings are Gluten Free, except for Eggplant Pate
chicken kebab $2
pulled pork $2
pepperoni $2
lamb meatballs $3
coconut shrimp $4

eggplant pate $2

paneer $2

bell peppers $1
onions $1
jalapeños $1
assorted squash $1
roasted garlic $1
wild mushrooms $1
potatoes $1
beets $1
spiced corn $2
tofu $2
spiced garbanzo beans $2

3. Choose Your Cheese

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella
Provolone-Mozzarella Blend
Vegan Mozzarella
Shredded Mozzarella

Pizza Karma is pleased to offer a variety of gluten-free & vegan menu options but we are not a gluten-free or vegan kitchen. Cross-contamination might occur, despite our best efforts.